Apple Watch: How to Set Alarm on Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch makes it more convenient for users to access most smartphone features through their watch. Amongst the multiple tasks, one of them is to set the alarm. We will help you to know how to set alarm on Apple watch. 

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How to Set Alarm on Apple Watch With Siri?

The fastest way to set an alarm on your Apple watch is through the voice assistance tool, Siri. It is possible by going through a few steps at first to activate it with your voice or just holding the rotating dial button of the watch. You can command by saying “Hey Siri” and continue by saying set an alarm for 7:45 a:m tomorrow or set a repeating alarm for every day at 5 pm.

To know how to enable Siri on your watch through “Digital crown”, you should contact our gadgets customer care number. Our experts will lead you to a quick solution. This will let you know how to use Siri to set an alarm on your Apple Watch.

How to Set an Alarm on Apple watchOS with Alarm App?

You can also manually set the alarm through the touch control of your Apple watch. Simply open the alarm app icon. Continue with the add alarm option and select the alarm as am or pm. Using the digital crown or rotating crown, you can set the hour and then the minute. You are also allowed to repeat that alarm at a particular time and day. 

You can get the full clear guidelines to set alarm on Apple watch and repeat it. With the help of our gadgets support experts will show you the easiest way to set up the alarm with appropriate instructions.

How to Cancel or Delete The watchOS Alarm?

You can cancel or delete any alarm that is scheduled by simply launching the alarm app and then going to the alarm that you want to cancel. Just scroll down and find the delete option. 

You can get the all required instructions from our gadgets customer care. It will let you successfully delete the set alarm from your Apple Watch.

Snooze and Stop watchOS Alarm

When your alarm starts ringing, at that moment you are allowed to delay the alarm for certain minutes. Afterward, use the crown button to stop the Apple watch alarm. You can get detailed answers in terms of instructions for getting done with snoozing or stopping the set alarm on the Apple watch.

Check the Alarm Status of Apple Watch

You can ensure that how many alarms are scheduled on your Apple watch. You can check this while your Watch is on Nightstand and just by tapping on the screen on Alarm option and can get the details of your alarm. Our customer support experts will help you by delivering steps to check the activity of the alarm on Apple your watchOS.


We have discussed how to set alarm on Apple Watch with some general guidelines and methods straight through your watch. You have the best option to learn how to set an alarm on your Apple watchOS through our gadget support service. With the help of our experts, you can get the required guidelines through our gadgets customer care number +1-410-896-8780. Our trustworthy services not just only help you by setting up the alarm. Including it also lets you know how to delete and stop, snooze and check its activity.

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