BSOD Error – How To Fix Blue Screen Of Death On Windows 11?

The BSOD happens when your system crashes and it’s a way by which it keeps safe your operating system and data of your Windows laptop or PC. Generally, this problem occurs in most Windows versions and makes you restart it again.

The blue screen of death windows occurs when your Windows can not work with programs. You can fix this issue with multiple solutions after checking out the problem that causes this trouble to your Windows 11. Our renowned remote technical support service is available at +1-410-896-8780. Fix blue screen and every Microsoft windows technical problem will be fixed with our expert’s help.

What is BSOD in Windows 11?

The blue screen issue in Windows 11 is a result of the crash. It is the cause of a corrupt operating system, programs, updates, and other various reasons. The BSOD stops your every program’s performance and this problem stays till you restart your system. 

Why Does Blue Screen of Death Error Happen?

Here are some reasons which trigger this blue screen issue in Windows 11:

  • Incompatible Windows Version – A common cause is that you may use an outdated version. You have to get an updated version of Windows on your system. 
  • RAM Error – There are chances that your system’s RAM does not work well 
  • Outdated Drivers – Another reason is that you may be using outdated chipset drivers that do not fit well with your system Windows 11. 
  • Corrupt Files In System – Your system may contain some corrupt software files that are consuming the power of the processor which leads to this blue screen issue in Windows.
  • Previous BIOS or UEFI Version – An outdated BIOS and UEFI version is also responsible for the blue screen of death on Windows11.
  • Third-Party Activity – It is also possible that the BSOD issue takes place within a certain gap which means your device is having some kind of third-party interference.
  • Problem In Disk Sector – Another possible reason is that your system’s storage sectors do not work correctly.
  • Faulty Windows Account – Your Windows account also got corrupted with some other affected issues. This condition also causes a blue screen problem on Windows11. 

How to Fix Blue Screen of Death in Windows 11?

Here is the detailed list of every solution that can fix the blue screen issue on your Windows 11 device:

Get Windows Update

Your Windows 11 system lacks some features that bother you with BSOD problems on it. You have to just look up the window’s latest pending update and install it. It will fix the blue screen trouble of your PC or laptop. 

To cautiously update Window’s latest update you have to go through some steps. Our customer service is helping users to update it by providing some valuable guidelines through our service.

Update System Driver

System drivers operate the hardware of a PC or laptop and if these are outdated or do not stand with system hardware you may also get in trouble with BSOD on Windows 11. Such conditions can cause more functional problems. You have to update these system drivers on your system to get fix blue screen issue.

To update your system drivers you have to contact our technical customer support for reliable and brief guidelines for updating them safely on your device.

Check The RAM

Any faulty part in your RAM also causes the BSOD issue in your Windows 11. You have to get test the RAM sticks and check if there is any need to replace them. Any problem in RAM sticks can cause this blue screen issue on your Windows 11.

You should concern with our experts who can provide you with the relevant solution that can let you diagnose and fix any RAM trouble in it. Our support service is the easiest option to fix blue screen of death Windows trouble.

Clean Boot Your PC

To fix the BSOD error on your Windows, you have to perform a clean boot operation on your PC. By this, you can get aware of any third-party access to your device if there is any so.

To reboot your PC is quite a time-consuming process that requires following some steps. For this, you should contact our remote customer service through voice call, live chat, or email. Our experts will assist you by guiding you so that you can treat this BSOD issue in Windows 11.

Run a SFC & DISM Scan

Both of these programs can fix certain error code issue that leads to blue screen disaster. You have to just deploy one by one scan of these two programs SFC and DISM so that you don’t have to get clean or reinstall some programs. 

Just contact us through the toll-free number, live chat, or email method. Our team will assist you with guidelines that can let you perform these scans. It will fix blue screen issue of your Windows 11. 

Perform a CHKDSK Scan

A corrupt storage sector also creates a blue screen problem in Windows 11. By deploying a CHKDSK scan you can replace these corrupted parts of storage with an effective one. This will keep safe your system from constant crashes and from the blue screen of death Windows issue.

You should ask our customer service for getting a detailed explanation of this solution. Our team of experts will help you to run a CHKDSK scan on your device to fix blue screen issue. 

Create a New Windows Account

Another factor of having BSOD is you may be using a corrupt windows account. To get rid of this issue you have to simply create a new windows account and start working on it or you can also shift to a new account.

To create a safe new account you should contact our customer service through the toll-free number, live chat, or email. Our team will guide you with instructions that can let you create a new windows account which will resolve the blue screen problem.

Try System Restore

If you are still facing the blue screen of death windows issue, then you must go for the system restore option. You should just restore the Windows system of your PC so that it is a proven effective way to fix blue screen bugs in Windows 11.

With the help of our Technical Customer Support team, you can get done this operation of the system restored and fix this blue screen bug.

Get a Clean Install or Repair Install

If the BSOD error persists, you must use the clean install option, which will vanish your data. Another option is the repair install that can upgrade the Windows part and keeps your data secure. 

To perform this clean or repair install you should contact our customer service. Our team will let you know how to start and get done with a clean or repair installation that can fix the blue screen of death issue.

Delete Unsafe Files

While downloading any application your PC may get affected by damaged files. These installed and damaged applications cause to harm your PC. To deal with this problem you have to remove these files from your PC and clean the damaged programs. 

Our team of experts will direct you to do this, you just have to contact our technical support service. We will help you to clean up your unsafe file setup which will fix blue screen issue.

More Options

Other solutions are a proper cleaning of your PC or laptop hardware internally which are helpful to fix the blue screen of death errors. Another solution is just to get an antivirus program that can protect your PC or laptop from further harm.

To get all types of troubleshooting manuals to resolve the BSOD error. You have to just contact us to get remote technical customer support through a call. We will assist you with relevant solutions that can fix your device’s blue screen trouble.


Here we have delivered multiple solutions that are useful to fix blue screen of death windows error. You have to just call our technical customer service at +1-410-896-8780. Our well-known service will assist you with relevant instructions. Our team of experts will assist you to perform each operation that can fix your Windows BSOD trouble with reliable and easy guidelines.

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