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My Canon printer is offline” is a common condition that sometimes stops you from printing your documents. It can be treated by just following some of the fixing ways. Here, we will help you to explore the reasons for this offline error and also the troubleshooting guide for this printer offline fix.

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Why is My Canon Printer Offline?

There could be multiple technical reasons that result in this offline error in the Canon printer. The first factor is a weak or slow internet connection or the improper Ethernet connection with your system. Another one is the enabled option of “use printer offline” on your computer. The incorrectly installed printer driver also causes this issue and the outdated printer driver version is another reason. The paper jam and viruses or malware attacks are also one of the reasons for this issue.

Methods to Fix Canon Printer is Offline Error

Now check these quick printer offline fix troubleshooting ways that will surely make your Canon printing work again:

Turn Off “Use Printer Offline” Setting

It is an inbuilt option in the system that commands your printer to work in offline. You have to make sure to keep it disabled. It starts from the search box and in the control panel. Now go to the Hardware and Sound to “Devices and Printer”. Find your Canon printer and right-click on it, then select “see what’s printing”. Afterward, go to the printer option and uncheck the option of “use printer offline” option. Now, try to command a printing task to check whether it fixes the offline Canon printer issue.

You may be going to need an expert’s assistance and our team of Canon printer customer support is the fastest available option for you. You just have to contact us and we will guide you with remote solutions to turn off this “use printer offline” setting on your system that will fix this issue of Canon Printer is Offline. 

Check Internet Connection

Another Canon printer offline fix is just ensure the internet connection. It includes USB cables and the printer must be connected to a high speed wifi router. Another way is to try to remove and reconnect your system and canon printer with the wifi. There are also many other things related to connection that you should check to resolve your Canon printer.  Our Canon customer support service will help to detect every connection requirements that can resolve your printer of Canon’s offline problem.

Restart Printer Spooler

After restarting this service can resolve this problem of offline on Canon printer. To perform this operation you should look for “services” in the search box. This will show you the print spooler option right-click on it and go for the “Restart” option. Now, again right-click on the print spooler and choose “Properties” select its startup type to the Automatic, and save this setting. Now restart your system and try to start printing, this will solve your issue of the Canon Printer is Offline.

You need to contact our team of Canon printer support service for getting detailed guidelines that will surely fix this offline printer issue. 

Set Canon Printer as “Default Printer”

On your Windows system, you must check out the settings that your printer must be set as “Default printer”. It starts from the Windows setting from “Windows and I”, now choose the device, and then “Printers & Scanners”. Afterward, right-click on the Canon printer and go to manage, then click on set as default. This will get your Canon printer in online state. 

For easy and straightforward guidelines you should contact us. Our team of technical professionals will help you to optimize this setting that will treat this problem of Canon Printer is Offline. 

Update & Reinstall Canon Printer Driver

The usage of an outdated or faulty printer driver is also causing you the problem of the Offline state of the Canon printer. To reinstall it you need to go to the Run dialog box in the Windows system. After that enter the “devmgmt.msc” in it. Now, from the device manager open the print queues and find the connected Canon printer. Click on the uninstall device and from the official website of Canon get the updated printer driver version and install it.

These steps will surely resolve the problem of the Printer’s Offline error on your Windows device. With the appropriate guidelines, you will successfully complete this troubleshooting for the printer offline fix. Our team of Canon printer support service is the best option for this purpose.


So we have discussed most of the reasons and troubleshooting guidelines that will help you to successfully resolve this error of Canon printer is offline. Start with basic and proceed toward advanced troubleshooting. After following these steps you can get back your Canon printer in working condition. 

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