Fix: Printer Icon not Showing up in Devices and Printers in window 11/10

A general problem is when the printer icon not showing on your devices and printers too. This issue stops you from printing your documents and there are infinite reasons that are the cause of this trouble.

Here, we will help you by suggesting some solutions that can resolve this problem. Our tactics are much more efficient in dealing with this issue from most devices and operating systems. Our technical service is the solution that can fix every printer and device problem through +1-410-896-8780, live chat, or email options. Our technical experts will lead you to the correct guidelines for printer and device recovery. 

What are the reasons for the printer icons not showing on devices and printers

Some multiple reasons are responsible for not showing printer icons and the most common are mentioned below:

Printer Driver Problem – The printer driver stands as an essential application and if your printer driver gets corrupted, then it causes the issue of not showing the icon of the printer on your devices. Other reasons may be printer driver is removed or not installed properly on your printer.

No Bluetooth Support – For not showing the printer icon in your device or printer when the BlueTooth service option is disabled.

How to correct the problem of Not showing the printer icons on devices & printers?

You can also resolve this minor issue if your printer icon not showing on devices and printers by following these guidelines. Our technical customer service is available to help you out through our helpline number or live chat service. Check out the following solutions for this trouble:

Through Printer Troubleshooter Option

By using your device for printer troubleshooting you can treat this issue of not showing the printer icon on your device or printer. From straight through the setting of your device you can start running a printer troubleshooting operation.

Troubleshooting methods may vary according to the printer’s model you are using. At that moment you should consider our customer support team who will assist you through the troubleshooting process with instructions. You can contact our remote customer support service via voice call, email, or live chat.

Creating A Shortcut

You can fix your printer icon option missing option straight through your desktop by creating a printer shortcut on it.

To create a desktop shortcut to your printer on various operating systems different steps are required. You have to contact our customer service through the given number or email for getting guidelines for making the printer icon available on your desktop screen.

By Updating Printer Driver

To fix the issue of the printer icon not showing you have to update your printer driver. It is the software that makes your computer data available for a printer in a comprehensive form. After you have updated your operating system the printer driver does not get compatible with it. By updating your outdated or corrupted printer driver you can fix this problem.

You have got to know the methods that will let you update the printer driver from your devices. Our customer service will guide you with updating printer driver guidelines. You can contact us via toll-free number, email, or live chat option. 

Edit Registry Key

Another way to counter the trouble of the icon of the printer not showing in devices and printers is to create a new windows registry. It requires a few steps through your devices before you start doing it you have to back up your windows registry. 

You have to contact our remote customer service via the given number or through the live chat option. Here you will get the instructions that can let you edit the Windows registry which can solve this issue of not showing the printer icon.

Enable Bluetooth Service 

You may also not be able to see the printer icon because your Bluetooth service is disabled. On various devices and operating systems, you need to apply different steps to enable Bluetooth service. 

To edit this setting you have to go to our customer service through our contact details for getting all of the steps of enabling Bluetooth service according to your device and the operating system you are using. 

Reinstall Printer Driver

If your devices and printers still do not show the printer icon, you must try to uninstall and reinstall the printer on your device. The process of it may differ from the device you are using.


We have mentioned some leading causes that trouble you with the printer icon not showing on your devices & printers. Our remote printer customer support service is well-known for fixing every printer gadget-related issue easily with the help of our experts. Just by contacting our customer service number +1-410-896-8780, you can get every detailed solution from our team of experts. We will also assist you to get rid of every hidden printer and gadget problem.

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