Why is my Hp Printer Offline & How to Fix it?

Most printer users at some point encounter the issue of Why is my HP printer offline? It happens when you urgently need to get any documents printed. It is one of the common issues that occur with the printer. All you need is just some HP printer offline fixes solutions.

Multiple ways can fix this printer offline error. Our quality remote service with renowned goodwill is the best way to get the solutions at an affordable amount. You have to just contact our hp printer customer care number +1-410-896-8780, live chat, or email address. Our team of professional experts will assist you with instructed guidelines with which you can resolve this offline HP printer trouble. 

HP Printer Offline Fix – Methods?

Here are some of the effective solutions to tackle the issue of HP printer showing offline:

Set The Default Printer to Fix Offline HP Printer Issue

You can manually set the default printer by following some steps on your windows 10 or any other system. Through Windows enter the control panel, then go to devices and printer and select your desired printer as the default printer. 

Selecting the default printer, required slightly different steps according to the device and operating system you are using. To get the relevant guidelines you have to contact our hp printer customer service, our experts will help you to get this done by this HP printer offline fix way.

Unselect The Use Printer Offline Mode

Another reason which causes your “HP printer showing offline” is that your might turn on your printer offline working mode. You can reset this through settings and then to devices and printers. From there you should choose the printer you are using and switch the setting to use the printer online. 

It is might not clear to use these steps successfully, that is why you should use ask our team of experts who will assist you with instruction that fits well to your windows or mac devices.

HP Print & Scan Doctor

The HP printer offline fix is also possible by using the HP printer and Scan doctor. You can diagnose and fix the issue of the printer showing offline and other scanning errors. All you have to just download and install this program on your PC and keep following it to get start the diagnostic and then troubleshooting.

You must know how to download, install, and run this program and with the help of our hp printer customer service, you can easily get rid of this issue.

Update Older Printer Driver Version

Your HP printer keeps showing offline if you are using an outdated printer driver program. To resolve this issue you should just upgrade the HP printer driver you are using. In Windows search go to device manager and then to printers option. 

To get the whole steps to update the printer driver you need to ask our experts who will let you know the procedure for HP printer offline fix.

Troubleshoot Printer Spooler

When your printer spooler stops running it also brings the trouble of showing offline. It is also possible through the dialog box by entering “Services. MSC”. Find out the printer spooler and stop it. Afterward, you have to delete the printer folder that will clear the printing queue and then get back to the printer spooler and start the service again.

It is a bit of a tricky procedure, so you should concern an expert from our hp printer customer care who can guide you and fix your printer showing offline error.

Check Connection

The minor cause of printer offline error is the improper connection of the USB cord. The connection incompatibility of your wireless printer and wi-fi connectivity are other causes that offline printer issues.

Our hp printer customer service is the solution where you can ensure every necessary requirement that keeps your printer online. Our experts will help you in doing so and also deliver you some troubleshooting instructions for fixing the wi-fi connectivity issue.

Check Windows Function Discovery Service

Your Windows service must start and work on its own. You can enable this setting through the control panel of windows to devices and printers. After right click on the icon in printer properties go to ports and look for the WSD port if it is not there, then create a manual IP connection and ensure the windows function discovery service status is running.

To get done your HP printer offline fix you should go through this procedure. It is a time-consuming process with many steps and you must contact our team of experts. We will help you with guidelines that can help you to back your printer online. 

Create Manual IP Connection & IP Port in Windows

Creating a manual IP connection and IP port on your windows device for your wireless printer is an overwhelming task. It demands tons of accurate steps that can fix your printer offline issue.

With the help of our customer service, you can get detailed instructions on this HP printer offline fix. You have to just ask our experts who can assist you to do this.

Use Printer From Different Device

There are some possibilities that the issue of the printer showing offline happens cause of the device you are using. To ensure this you should try connecting your other PC, laptop, or phone with your printer. If the issue gets resolved, then it means that the issue is caused by your previous device, not the printer. 

To know how to sync your other laptop or phone with your printer, you should contact our hp printer customer care who will let you connect your latest compatible device. By doing this you can fix your printer offline error. 


These are some common HP printer offline fixes with which you can get back your printer to the online mode. You should contact our hp printer customer care for getting detailed guidelines for fixing your printer’s offline error. By just following the given troubleshooting guidelines you can able to start printing again through our hp printer customer care number +1-410-896-8780, live chat, or email address. If any of these types does not work, then some further alternative options are also available that you can get from our service experts.

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