Nowadays, many users are getting problems with the Network Adapter showing this device cannot start. (code 10). Things are getting complicated day by day and users are facing advanced issues on their devices. This condition may interrupt your internet connection as well as your Ethernet and Wi-Fi card and other things related to it. 

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Why “This Device Cannot Start. (Code 10)” Error Happens on my PC?

This Windows trouble occurs whenever your device manager can’t start a hardware device. This code 10 problem is a driver issue, you may be using an older driver version. A regular operating system update from 7 to a higher version or a faulty network adapter triggers this problem.

Fix: Network Adapter ‘this device cannot start. (code 10) Error

There are tons of possibilities that can resolve this issue you have to follow our below-mentioned guidelines:

Update The Drivers of Your Device

Usage of an incompatible, corrupt driver can create this code 10 issue. It is possible to treat from your Windows PC by just commanding Windows and X keys, then selecting device manager. Locate the “universal serial bus controller” and find the “update driver software” option. You can activate the setting of the search automatically for the update driver option and complete it with further instructions.

You can get further detailed steps for getting the complete steps of choosing and updating the printer driver. After contacting our gadgets customer care team you will get all of the required steps and solutions for the Network Adapter showing the “this device cannot start. (code 10)” issue.

Reboot Or Run the Troubleshooting for Device & Hardware

Rebooting can fix many basic errors on your PC, try a reboot to resolve the problem. Another option to fix is to run an inbuilt Windows function of the Device & Hardware troubleshooter. It starts with the setting option to update & security and then troubleshooting hardware and device. This will scan the issue and show you in a report, you can fix them by selecting it.

Get more easy explanations of reboot or run troubleshooting on your PC through our gadgets customer care. Our team of professional experts will help you with delivering guidelines that will fix this code 10 problem of your device.

Update Windows

An updated Windows comes with the latest security features, which can free your PC from such errors. Using an older version of the operating system can cause this issue of code 10 problem. You have to go to the update & security option then Windows update to check for updates. This will let you start the Windows update after the installation, and you must have to restart the PC.

If you did not get the steps clearly, then you must contact our gadgets customer care number. Our team of experts will help you by assisting you with guidelines. It can fix the Network Adapter showing this device cannot start. (code 10) problem on your PC.

Restore System When Network Adapter Work

This code 10 error may happen cause of any viruses or any update on your PC. When your network adapter is in working condition, you will need to run System Restore, this and many other errors can be fixed. On your Windows PC, you have to command Win and R and then type rstrui.exe. After that go to the system restore program, there you can choose the date for the restore point.

It is an overwhelming process that needs accurate sets of steps. Our professional gadgets customer care is available for delivering the solution that can fix this network adapter issue that keeps showing the “This device can’t start (code 10)” error on your PC.

Fix Registry Entries

By fixing a malfunctioned registry you can fix your device manager trouble. You have to just eliminate the upper and lower filters registry. At first, you have to simply command Win. and R key in the dialog box and then type Regedit. After going through a list of subKeys you can edit the registry and restart your PC, which can fix the problem. 

With the help of our professional gadgets customer care team, you can get every step that can fix the issue of the Network Adapter showing this device cannot start. (code 10) problem on your PC.

Disable & Reactive the USB Controller

Another quick solution is just to disable and enable the USB controller. It starts from the control panel to the system and hardware tab. From device manager to Universal Serial Bus Controllers and then uninstall these controllers and then restart your PC to reinstall them back. 

To get straight and clear instructions through verbal guidelines, you should contact our gadgets customer care team. We will help you with delivering detailed answers to re-enable the USB controller. 

Use Power USB Hub Or Replace Faulty Device

You must go for a powered USB hub that can support more power-consuming USB devices. Using a malfunctioned PC hardware is also a cause of code 10 error. In such conditions, you should restore or create a backup of your data and change your PC. 

You must consider our experts before taking any steps. We will analyze the solution after getting your problem and PC details. This will surely work in your favor and fix this error of the Network Adapter showing this device cannot start. (code 10) error.


We hope the above-described information is beneficial for you and eventually helped you by resolving the Network Adapter showing this device cannot start (code 10) issue of your PC.

If you still can not get rid of this problem, we strongly suggest you contact our gadgets customer care number at +1-410-896-8780, live chat, or email support option. 

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